Project The Top 10 Titans of the 1v1 Metagame (Voting for #10 Titan)

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lost heros

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I would like to make my nomination for No pokemon

I honestly don't think any pokemon remaining truly encompasses the idea of a titan.

Marshadow was too quickly removed to truly have a lasting impact on the metagame.

Mega Gyarados has consistently gotten worse as the generation has continued

Dragonite has only had the opportunity to shine very recently.

Snorlax was never too prominent in the metagame to influence it a lot.

Everything else is too weak or also has relatively low usage
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Okay, cycle 4 voting is done, and Mega Gyarados wins with 7 votes out of the 20 votes that came in.

Start voting for Cycle 5. This cycle will go on till the 8th of September 2019.

My vote goes for Tapu Lele.

This contains the list of nominated Pokemon:

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